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Exist Immortal + Guests

Exist Immortal:
Exist Immortal fuse catchy melodies, soaring epic vocals, technical riffing and all out groove to create a unique maelstrom of musicianship. Boasting a reputation quite unlike many other band's of their size. The past year has seen them relentlessly tour all over the place, bringing their ferocious live show all over Europe and Asia

This style of hard hitting riff paired intense and relentless grooves combined with massive melodies and epic soundscapes have made Exist Immortal one of the bands to watch. Don't miss out!

In today’s digital era, where what you see and hear is only what ‘they’ want you to, emerges Decrypted - a Tech Metalcore band set out to awaken you with an explosion of emotion that translates into fast playful riffs and heavy breakdowns, combined with vocals that are as grim and aggressive as they are clean and melodic.

Influenced by Killswitch Engage and Periphery, Decrypted is a dynamic group of culturally diverse talent.

More very special guests to be announced soon!!!

Doors: 7:30pm
Price: £6

61-65 Crowndale Road

Nearest Station: Mornington Crescent